The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 64: Pt. 2 - Combating Overwhelm At Work, Because Honestly, Enough Is Enough! (With Nina Purewal)

Episode Summary

Here’s what we cover: ✅ The journey that Nina's book takes its readers on, and what the goal is for those who read it. ✅ What first-time authors need to know about publishing their own book, getting it major media coverage, and getting it reviewed by critics that matter. ✅ How people can maximize on building their authority through their own book. ✅ Myths about mindset in the corporate arena that couldn't be farther from the truth. — In this week’s 2-part series on Mindset & Clarity, I'm joined by bestselling author, & founder of "Pure Minds," Nina Purewal! — 📌 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify, search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ 📌 Subscribe to our YouTube channel at ‘The Open Chest Confidence Academy’