The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 56: Pt. 2 - How To Create Wellness Through Using The Right Tools To Change Your Narrative, With Dimple Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Be intentional with your wellness journey. 💡 This week, we break down how and why to incorporate a customized approach to optimizing your approach to create a self-cultivated wellness practice, and are joined by occupational therapist DIMPLE MUKHERJEE to explain how she has helped people do this for years. This week's 2-part series themed around Mindset & Clarity is called: “How To Create Wellness Through Using The Right Tools To Change Your Narrative” — Here’s what we cover in part 2 of our conversation: ✅ Coming to terms with being honest with ourselves, from a book Dimple authored. ✅ “Call In Your World” – Dimple’s neuroscience-based course that’s digestible for anyone. ✅ Tools people can tap into to optimize their wellness, and moving from an inherited wellness to a self-cultivated one to change their narrative. ✅ How Dimple helps her clients on their wellness journeys through coaching. — Here’s a bit about Dimple: 🌟 Dimple is an Occupational Therapist + Wellness Coach who believes in the healing power of self-care and deep connections in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. 🌟 Dimple has dedicated the past few years to learning and understanding how profoundly our words can shape our future. With these insights, Dimple created her signature program, “Calling in a Word,” which is available to individuals, groups and organizations. 🌟 “Calling in a Word” is a gentle yet deeply transformative practice that is rooted in neuroscience to help one achieve their desired outcomes. — 📌 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify, search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ 📌 Subscribe to our YouTube channel at ‘The Open Chest Confidence Academy’ — #TheOpenChestConfidenceAcademy #RajGirn #Founder #TheTransformYourConfidenceShow #Podcast #Media #OnlineMedia #Online #SocialMedia #Mindset #dimlpemukherjee #occupationaltherapy #wellness #lifecoach #author #transformation #CEO #Leader #Business #Entrepreneur #Marketing #Leadership #CommunityBuilding #Networking #ThoughtLeader #Communications #Executive #Professional