The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 55: Pt. 1 - How To Create Wellness Through Using The Right Tools To Change Your Narrative, With Dimple Mukherjee

Episode Summary

This week on The Transform Your Confidence Show, occupational therapist and wellness coach DIMPLE MUKHERJEE shares why it's important to listen to one's body as well as one's heart and mind to optimize their overall well-being. 💡 Our goal this week is to provide you with a high-level understanding of what occupational therapy is and some actionable tips on how to benefit from it. This week's 2-part series themed around Mindset & Clarity. — Here’s what we cover in part 1 of our conversation: ✅ What occupational therapy is, why someone would partake in it, and what outcomes people can expect from working with Dimple. ✅ A step-by-step breakdown on what someone can expect from occupational therapy. ✅ Underlying circumstances that would make it prohibitive for some people to work with an occupational therapist, even if that person would greatly benefit from it. ✅ How wellness is the optimization of the connections between the mind, body, heart, soul, and energy fields. ✅ The best way for someone to start their journey to wellness, using insights from Dimple’s personal and professional experiences. — Here’s a bit about Dimple: 🌟 Dimple is an Occupational Therapist + Wellness Coach who believes in the healing power of self-care and deep connections in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. 🌟 Dimple has dedicated the past few years to learning and understanding how profoundly our words can shape our future. With these insights, Dimple created her signature program, “Calling in a Word,” which is available to individuals, groups and organizations. 🌟 “Calling in a Word” is a gentle yet deeply transformative practice that is rooted in neuroscience to help one achieve their desired outcomes. — 📌 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify, search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ 📌 Subscribe to our YouTube channel at ‘The Open Chest Confidence Academy’ — #TheOpenChestConfidenceAcademy #RajGirn #Founder #TheTransformYourConfidenceShow #Podcast #Media #OnlineMedia #Online #SocialMedia #Mindset #dimlpemukherjee #occupationaltherapy #wellness #lifecoach #author #transformation #CEO #Leader #Business #Entrepreneur #Marketing #Leadership #CommunityBuilding #Networking #ThoughtLeader #Communications #Executive #Professional