The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 45: Why The CEO Is The Most Creative Member Of Hyper Successful Companies, With Ranj Bath

Episode Summary

💡 If you lead your company as a traditional (top down) CEO, then you’re missing the link between leadership and empowerment that holistic leadership (bottom up) brings with it. Today’s most successful CEOs know that to succeed in their role, they have to step into a collaborative position, which requires them to be the most creative person in the company. If you want to learn how to do this, then this 2-part series of ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ is for you! In this week’s theme of Leadership & Advocacy, I introduce a new series called ‘A CEO’s Journey’, entitled: “Why The CEO Is The Most Creative Member Of Hyper Successful Companies.” — My guest is the CEO of Nurosene, Ranj Bath, an innovative app solution with a mission to build better brain health, which recently IPOed after barely a year since inception. — Here’s what we cover in part 1 of this 2-part series: ✅ Ranj shares his insights on why CEOs need to be more creative today than they were in the past, in order to ensure that their companies are set up for success. ✅ He illustrates two first-hand experiences of creative leadership, having worked with the legendary music mogul Jimmy Iovine, and as one of the team members of Beats through the Apple acquisition. ✅ He explains how his professional journey from finance to music and now into the mental health space, has seen all the companies that he has worked for, have one common denominator – they are all driven by technology, which he believes is mandatory for a company to scale rapidly. ✅ He continues to explain how advanced the technology play is with his current company Nurosene and how this will position the company to disrupt the mental health industry globally, making mental health support accessible to everyone. ✅ And he shares what he feels start-up CEOs need to know to ensure that they have in place what is needed to set their company up for growth. — Here’s a bit about Ranj: 🌟 Ranj moved from England to the U.S. in 2001, after being offered a prominent position at Intel, where he stayed for 7 years before co-founding his own company Desi Hits in 2006, where the investors included Jimmy Iovine and collaborations were ripe with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, and Priyanka Chopra. 🌟 In 2013, he moved to Beats as the Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, and witnessed the 3 billion dollar acquisition of Beats by Apple. 🌟 He then moved onto Blippar, where he joined as the Senior Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Marketing in 2016 and then to Cogni as its Chief Marketing Officer in 2018. 🌟 Then he took the position of CEO of Toronto based mental health app Nurosene in 2020, where he has already led the company through an IPO barely a year after inception. 🌟 Ranj is also an avid investor where he was an early stage investor in start-ups like Bulletproof and Classpass, that have now reached over $1Billion valuations. — 📌 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify, search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ 📌 Subscribe to our YouTube channel at ‘The Open Chest Confidence Academy’ — #TheOpenChestConfidenceAcademy #RajGirn #Founder #TheTransformYourConfidenceShow #Podcast #Media #OnlineMedia #Online #RanjBath #Nurosene #CEO #Leader #Business #Entrepreneur #Beats #DesiHits #Blippar #Intel #Cogni #Apple #Bulletproof #ClassPass #Marketing #Leadership #CommunityBuilding #Networking #ThoughtLeader #Communications #Executive #Professional