The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 38: Pt. 2 - Proven Mindset Shifts That Help Professionals Build & Sustain Wellness In Their Busy Lives, With Sonia Jhas

Episode Summary

💡 Are you tired of battling against your weight and low self-esteem, and ready to do the work to get in control of your wellness journey once and for all? Then this episode of ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ is for you . . . In this week’s theme of Mindset & Clarity, I will be introducing you to a tried and tested program that has been created by a yo-yo diet survivor, who has gone on to have tremendous success with her own journey (even after giving birth twice), and those of her clients (which include celebrities). — My guest is Sonia Jhas, a well-known TV personality and mindset & wellness expert, and here’s what we cover in part 2 of our conversation: ✅ Sonia unpacks the most common reasons why people fall off the diet wagon. ✅ She breaks down the 2 most common types of perpetual dieters and what they should do to move away from dieting and into wellness living. ✅ We talk about her 2 very successful programs, where people either work with her one-on-one, or in a group setting environment, and what type of person is suited to which. ✅ And we close off by her sharing the one piece of advice that changed her life forever. — 📌 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify, search ‘The Transform Your Confidence Show’ 📌 Subscribe to our YouTube channel at ‘The Open Chest Confidence Academy’ — #TheOpenChestConfidenceAcademy #RajGirn #TheTransformYourConfidenceShow #Podcast #Media #OnlineMedia #Online #SocialMedia #Wellness #Mindset #SoniaJhas #Diet #Dieting #YoYoDieting #SelfSabotage #CEO #Leader #Founder #Business #Entrepreneur #Marketing #LimitingBeliefs #Leadership #CommunityBuilding #Networking #ThoughtLeader #Communications #Executive #Professional