The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 2: Pt. 2 - Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind With Tamanna Roashan

Episode Summary

In a nutshell, this weekly podcast show is about holistic leadership and advocacy. My intention is to pull back the curtain - I’m mean WAAAY back - to bring you insider knowledge and resources on how today’s change makers are leading with intention and creating successful ecosystems that serve everyone. My goal is to help you re-imagine what your life could be, if you had a constant view from the top of that mountain.” ~ Founder RAJ GIRN Show Theme: “Leadership Communication Is All In The Mind”: Part 2 With Guest Expert: Tamanna Roashan, The Founder Of The DressYourFace Beauty Empire! 🌍 Tamanna is a globally renowned beauty educator and the founder of the DressYourFace empire. 🌎 She is the #1 single most sought-after international beauty educator in the world, as the founder of the world’s first and #1 “most subscribed-to” live online makeup & hair school at, where she has changed the game by bringing affordable top-tier beauty education right to people’s homes 24 hours a day. 🌏 The school has over 100,000+ past and present students worldwide, making Tamanna the #1 ranked makeup and hair artistry educator in the world, teaching more students as a single instructor than most beauty schools combined. 🌎 She has also collaborated with many well-known brands such as Anastasia of Beverly Hills for makeup, Bombay Hair for hair, and Lashkaara for fashion. 🌍 She attests her success in part to her internal community (team) and in part to her external community (clients, fans, followers), and she will be deep diving about this with Raj this Sunday. Have a pen and paper ready, because this episode is jam-packed with actionable tips that you can immediately incorporate into your own business (big or small), to deepen your relationships as Tamanna has, with everyone down your food chain online.