The Transform Your Confidence Show

Ep 18: Pt. 2 - Why Everyone Needs To Marry Their Mission With Their Brand Identity, With Kait LeDonne

Episode Notes

💡 Are you struggling with attracting clients with your story, because you can’t seem to connect the dots between the valuable insights that you’ve learned in your career and how this can help them transform their lives? Then this episode is for you!


Featured Guest Expert: Founder of Brandwise Media and personal branding expert Kait LeDonne  


What was covered in part 2:


✅ What’s the difference between personality and corporate branding?  


✅ Why personal branding has become synonymous with career success today.


✅ What the top 3 reasons are for businesses to incorporate brand strategy.  


✅ What the correlation is between a strong brand presence and consumer trust.


✅ How to mitigate negative brand presence.


✅ What to look for when hiring a branding expert.  


✅ And what the secret is of true business success, when branding is at its best.  


A bit about Kait:


🌟 Based in New York, Brandwise Media specializes in building executive & author driven personal brands, using content marketing strategies through social media.  


🌟 She has authored the book: "The Attraction Magnet: The 7 Insider Secrets, The World's Biggest Brands Use to Attract Customers Who Can't Wait to Buy From Them".  


🌟 She is regularly featured in national & international publications as a commentator on celebrity and corporate brands.


🌟 She has developed one of the first online courses centred around LinkedIn, called: ‘The Influence Academy’, which teaches executives how to position themselves as thought leaders in their respective spaces.


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